Water Filtration - Aeration

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Hydro-Logic Add On De-Ionization Kit for Evolution-RO 1000 - 4.5inx1

A post polishing de-ionization filter that removes any remaining PPM down to zero...

$199.95 $163.96

Hydro-Logic Algae block Clear filter housing sleeve

Use the Hydrologic reverse osmosis water filter Algae Block clear filter housing sleeve to customize..

$12.95 $10.62

Hydro-Logic Big Boy 20in Filter Housing

Big Boy - 20inx4.5in filter housing - grey/black cap - 1in ports..

$89.00 $72.98

Hydro-Logic Big Boy Carbon Filter

Keep your water fresh, your equipment in tip-top shape, and your grow room at its best by making the..

$77.95 $63.92

Hydro-Logic Big Boy Extra High Flow 420 GPH

Ultra high capacity instant dechlorinator. Removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment. Comes with c..

$438.95 $359.94

Hydro-Logic Big Boy KDF85 Carbon Filter

Hydro-Logic Big Boy KDF85 Carbon Replacement Filter. The KDF85 Filter is ideal for well water users ..

$127.95 $104.92

Hydro-Logic Big Boy Pleated Cleanable Sediment FIlter

Keep your water fresh, your equipment in tip-top shape, and your grow room at its best. This ultra-h..

$56.95 $46.70

Hydro-Logic Big Boy UV Sterilizer Mounting

UV Sterilizer Kit - Big Boy - 8 GPM with ballast and wall mounting clips...

$45.00 $36.90

Hydro-Logic Big Boy w/ Upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter

Big Boy extra high capacity dechlorinator and sediment filter with upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon f..

$505.00 $414.10

Hydro-Logic Carbon Filter for Tall Boy and Tall Blue

Now chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals don't stand a chance against Hydro-Logic's..

$74.95 $61.46

Hydro-Logic De-Ionization Cartridge color changing

De-Ionization Cartridge (Big): 10in X 4.5in- Color changing- Transluscent housing  ..

$79.95 $65.56

Hydro-Logic DM-2 Industrial Dual TDS Monitor

Measure the untreated water coming in vs. the purified water going out of your reverse osmosis syste..

$75.00 $61.50

Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter

EcoSpring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter: standard post remineralization filter cartridge inclu..

$29.00 $23.78

Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 1:1 Ratio flow restrictor elbow

Use the Hydrologic reverse osmosis water filter Evolution RO1000 1:1 ratio orange drain elbow 3/8in ..

$19.00 $15.58

Hydro-Logic Evolution-RO1000 High Flow RO System, 1000 GPD

High flow reverse osmosis system. Capable of producing 1,000 gallons per day. Includes two RO membr..

$789.95 $647.76