Water Filtration - Aeration

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Hydro-Logic Evolution-RO1000 KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-filter

Standard carbon pre-filter included with the Evolution system. For chlorine and chloramines reductio..

$53.95 $44.24

Hydro-Logic Evolution-RO1000 RO Membrane Element

Standard membrane included with system. Two are needed for Evolution system...

$184.95 $151.66

Hydro-Logic Evolution-RO1000 Wall Mount Bracket

Wall mount bracket designed for the Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 water filtration system. Stainless ..

$74.95 $61.46

Hydro-Logic Faucet Adaptor for Stealth RO filters

3/8in supply diverter valve for faucet used for Hydro-Logic's Stealth-RO and Tall Boy reverse osmosi..

$18.50 $15.17

Hydro-Logic Filter Canister For Evolution RO1000

This is a replacement canister for the Merlin Garden Pro. The Merlin Garden Pro is a high flow rever..

$56.00 $45.92

Hydro-Logic Float Kit for the Merlin Garden Pro

Float Kit for the Merlin Garden Pro High-Flow Reverse Osmosis System. Helps to adjust water levels i..

$42.00 $34.44

Hydro-Logic Float Valve 20+ GPM for Big Boy

Use the Hydro-Logic reverse osmosis water filter Float Valve 20+ GPM for Big Boy or Delivery Pump to..

$67.00 $54.94

Hydro-Logic Float Valve, 1/2in Barb, Adjustable Water Level

Hydro-Logic's float valve with a 1/2in barbed connection provides the ability to adjust the water le..

$19.00 $15.58

Hydro-Logic Flowmaster Gal Meter

The Flowmaster by Hydro-Logic measures how many gallons of filtered water have gone through the your..

$59.00 $48.38

Hydro-Logic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter

Compact garden hose filter. Eco-friendly green coconut carbon and KDF55 medias. Includes infilter sa..

$54.95 $45.06

Hydro-Logic Hyper-Logic - 2,000 GPD Commercial RO System

NOTE: Pricing on this Commercial RO system is for the base unit only. To determine your final cost f..

$4,995.00 $4,095.90

Hydro-Logic Male x Male Adapter For Supply Diverter Valve For Fauce

Allows ¼in and 3/8in faucet diverters to connect to faucets with 15/16in - 27 female threads. Male 1..

$3.50 $2.87

Hydro-Logic Merlin Booster Pump

Active Aqua Hydro-Logic brand booster pump for the Merlin Reverse Osmosis filtration system. Can be ..

$329.00 $269.78

Hydro-Logic Merlin Carbon Replacement Filter

Keep your water filtration in tip top shape by replacing your carbon filter as needed. This carbon r..

$34.95 $28.66

Hydro-Logic Merlin GP UV Sterlizer Kit

The 1 GPM Ultraviolet Sterilizing filter makes sure that any possible bacteria or harmful microorgan..

$99.00 $81.18