Environmental Controllers

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Agrowtek Water Leak Detector Sensor

Detect water leaks and take action automatically before they become floods! GrowControl systems moni..

$99.00 $81.18

Agrowtek Water Leak Detector Sensor

Be alerted to water leaks and shut-down pump equipment in the event of a leak. Simply wire this wate..

$99.00 $81.18

Agrowtek Wind Direction Vane Sensor

Wind vane uses German Hall effect sensor for precision and durability. Many potentiometer type wind ..

$399.00 $327.18

Agrowtek Wind Speed Anemometer Sensor

Wind speed anemometer with 3 cup rotor measures wind speeds from 1 to 125 MPH. Extremely rugged for ..

$199.00 $163.18

Analog 24hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Therm

Analog 24hr day & night, cooling/heating thermostat • Controls heating or cooling equipment with bo..

$69.95 $57.36

Analog 24hr Recycling Timer

Cycle timer with day/night detection Controls any application requiring a device to be turned on an..

$74.95 $61.46

Analog CO2 Controller

The APCECO offers indoor gardeners an economical and simple method of monitoring and controlling CO2..

$294.95 $241.86

Analog Enviromental Controller

Control the temperature and humidity within your growing environment, the adjustable temperature and..

$166.95 $136.90

Atmos./Co2 Controller, Temp & Hum w/photocell

The AIR-4 has all the features of the AIR-3 plus independent temperature and humidity controls and p..

$224.95 $184.46

Atmosphere Controller, Temp & Humid. 15A@120vac

The C.A.P. AIR-2 has the same features as the AIR-1 with the exception of separate temperature and h..

$154.95 $127.06

Atmosphere Controller, Temp & Humidity, 15A@120vac

C.A.P.’s simplest device for temperature & humidity control! The AIR-1 allows you to control the tem..

$154.95 $127.06

Autopilot Digital PX1 Lighting Controller

The Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller from Hydrofarm provides centralized, dual-zone digital..

$299.99 $245.99

CO2 Smart Controller with High-Temp shut-off

The iGS-061 is a standalone CO2 controller with high temperature shutoff that does not manage ventil..

$499.99 $409.99

CO2 Auxiliary Smart Controller

- Easy to use CO2 enrichment or CO2 ventilation controller - Day/night detection - Adjustable separa..

$509.99 $418.19

CO2 Controller PPM/temp/hum,2-timer,10A@120vac

The C.A.P. CO2-2e combines the three most important controls for your growing area—all in one unit. ..

$284.95 $233.66