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Hydrofarm Bio-Degradable Bags

Jump on the BYOB trend! Hydrofarm makes it easy to inbring your own Whether you're providing ..

$0.46 $0.38

Hydrofarm Measuring Beaker

With so many choices in measuring instruments on the market, how do you choose? Select the item that..

$8.95 $7.34

Hydrofarm Pint Glass

Pour it on! Whether you choose to use the 16 ounce Hydrofarm pint glass for liquid refreshment for y..

$5.95 $4.88

Hydrofarm Plant Tie 150ft x 1/2in, 8mil

Flowers, plants, and trees don't usually get up and walk away on their own, but a small gust of wind..

$2.95 $2.42

Hydrofarm Seed Sower

Tired of disturbing seeds in their fragile settings and don't want to get your hands dirty? Employ a..

$2.95 $2.42

Hydrofarm Sprayer 40oz

40 ounce (1,200 ml) handheld pressure sprayer/mister with adjustable nozzle.  Features a thumb-acti..

$8.95 $7.34

Hydrofarm Watering Can 9 Liters

Watering cans and gardners go hand-in-handle, so make sure you're outfitted with the right stuff. Hy..

$18.95 $15.54

Hydroponic Finger Micro Snips 1 3/4

The Hydroponic Micro Finger Snip is a perfect tool for fine, precision cutting a variety of plants. ..

$8.95 $7.34

Hydroponic Micro Snips 1 7/8

The Hydroponic Micro Snip is a compact tool for fine, precision cutting a variety of plants. The dou..

$18.95 $15.54

Hydroponic Scissor 3 1/2 (12cs)

The Hydroponic Scissor is a versatile tool for cutting a variety of plants. The finely tapered tips ..

$17.95 $14.72

International Measure Mug

Cross references all values for easy measuring, Sturdy, easily readable, large capacity & ergonomic ..

$14.99 $12.29

Lighthouse 4x8 Indoor Greenhouse

The Lighthouse Controlled Environment offers features normally found on more expensive huts. With 3 ..

$5.95 $4.88

Long Curved Snip Stainless Steel 1 3/4in

• Designed for picking and field-dressing grape bunches• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades ..

$12.95 $10.62

Long Straight Snip Stainless Steel 1 3/4in

• Long, straight, pointed blade for a wide range of applications• Corrosion-resistant stainless stee..

$12.95 $10.62

Luster Leaf Plant Labels 4 in

Choose from 4 in or 6 in durable plant stake labels. Easily label your newly planted seeds. 50 label..

$2.79 $2.29