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Snapture Snapstand Foot Base

The General Hydroponics Snapture is specially designed for strength and is literally a snap to assem..

$4.79 $3.93

Titan Controls Flo-n-Gro 6 Cell Expansion Kit

The Expansion Kit is fully compatible with the 12 Site Ebb & Flow Gro System, as well as the 6 Site ..

$119.95 $98.36

Titan Controls Oceanus 1 Flo-n-Gro Controller

The Oceanus 1 - Flo-n-Gro Controller features fully digital technology. The 24 hour timer allows you..

$339.95 $278.76

Urban Oasis Stand Up Reservoir 105 Gallon

This polyethylene vertical storage tank is manufactured to strict guidelines to ensure years of high..

$399.95 $327.96

Urban Oasis Stand Up Reservoir 48 Gallon

This unique reservoir is perfect for areas that are tight on floor space. Foot print is only 18 in x..

$169.95 $139.36