Agrosun Gold MH Horizontal H/O - 1,000W

AGROSUN Gold Halides help plants to grow their best! A Hydrofarm exclusive, these spectrally-enhanced halides are the best all-purpose growth and fruiting/flowering light you can use. They emit more of the red wavelengths than the common halides. They are the inGold Standardin in plant growth lighting, and thousands are in use by satisfied gardeners worldwide. AGROSUN Gold Halides are super halides with MORE red for flowering than other common halides.

AGROSUN halides OUTPERFORM common sodiums in 4.5in Geranium test* - 45% More Flowers Produced, 25% More Axillary Branching!

* Representative of Geranium responses only. Other crop types will vary in response.

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Agrosun Gold MH Horizontal H/O - 1,000W

  • Brand: Agrosun
  • Product Code: BUSUHL1THHZAS
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  • $109.95
  • $82.46
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