Kessil 36W Wide Angle LED Grow Light, Red

The H150W is a slightly modified iteration of the H150 model. Built with the same Dense Matrix LEDTM technology, the H150W incorporates a larger angle reflector, which allows the source to smoothly spread light over a wider area. Like the H150, it can be used for vegetation and blooming phases, but it is also great for plant propagation, coral growth, and a variety of other unique applications. The H150W is available in a number of various colors, and it's a perfect supplement for traditional fluorescent or HID lighting systems.

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Kessil 36W Wide Angle LED Grow Light, Red

  • Brand: Kessil
  • Product Code: KSH150RW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $219.95
  • $164.96
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