Charcoal Fiber Filter  4in

Phat charcoal fiber odor filters feature a tightly woven 3-layer charcoal fiber technology that removes particulate matter as well as odor and gasses from the air. This super efficient, high capacity odor filter can be used with high CFM fans unlike traditional carbon filters. Perfect for scrubbing and supplemental odor control. Great back up filter for controlled, sealed rooms with high temperature triggered exhaust fans. 

  • Greenhouse charcoal fiber - odor & particulate filter
  • Highest rated CFM on the market
  • Revolutionary odor control
  • Unique 3-Layer charcoal fiber technology
  • Inverted nose cone and vertical pleats for maximum filtered area
  • Durable & lightweight
Note: Do not clean filter with water. Blow all dust and particles out of the filter from the inside out with an air compressor. Once all dust is removed the filter is good to be used again. 
Note: To increase efficacy keep filter clean and greenhouse humidity levels below 75%. High humidity will interfere with the filters ability to adsorb odors. 

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            Charcoal Fiber Filter 4in

            • Brand: Phat
            • Product Code: IGSCFF4
            • Availability: In Stock
            • $112.99
            • $92.65
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