ROOT 66 (1-1-1)  1 lt

ROOT 66 (1-1-1) is an organic based nutrient blend comprised of seaweed extract, trace elements, and disaccharides. ROOT 66's unique composition promotes the development of a well balanced root structure, a vital component of overall plant growth and performance. At transplanting, ROOT 66 improves the establishment of seedlings and cutting by stimulating adventitious root development. ROOT 66 can be applied to soil, soilless, and hydroponic-based gardening mediums and can be used in conjunction with any premium quality fertilizer.

ROOT 66:

  • Stimulates extremely fast root development
  • Activates immune system and create pest and disease resistance
  • Minimizes the effects of transplanting shock and other related stress conditions
  • Provides smooth transition between growth stages
  • Creates lush green foliage with thicker stems and leaves
  • Creates compact sturdy plants and multiple flower buds
  • Improves beneficial soil microbial activity and improve overall plant quality

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ROOT 66 (1-1-1) 1 lt

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