V-Series 4515 CFM 240v

Vortex Powerfans are high-performance, inline duct blowers constructed from quality steel with heavy duty attractive hammertone powdered coat finish. The extended collar allows for easy duct installation and taping. Superior quality and smart design ensure vibration-free operation utilizing balanced motorized impellers with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Includes 6' power cord and galvanized mounting brackets, allowing both horizontal and vertical installation. 

Atmosphere's V-Series combines high performance and quiet operation. These fans are equipped with a mixed-flow impeller, allowing more air volume than any other comparable impeller design. Furthermore, the V-Series fans operate at lower RPM (1500 to 1700), making them even quieter. These fans are available in 12in, 14in, and 16in diameter.

Other features include:

  • Extended collar and lip, allowing easy duct hook-up
  • Impact-resistant, sound-absorbing heavy gauge steel casing
  • Rustproof hammertone powder coat epoxy finish
  • Permanently lubricated balanced motor, which ensures long life
  • 100% speed-controllable, factory-installed 120V power cord
  • Worry-free, 10-year warranty
  • Aerodynamic design allowing more air flow
  • Heavy-gauge steel casing with a hammertone powder coat finish, making it more sound absorbing and rustproof
  • High quality maintenance-free balanced motor, equipped with a mixed flow impeller, allowing  extremely quiet operation
  • 100% speed controllable, easing air flow adjustment and allowing better balancing of the ventilation system

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    V-Series 4515 CFM 240v

    • Brand: Vortex
    • Product Code: VTX16XL
    • Availability: In Stock
    • $2,289.00
    • $1,876.98
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