General Hydroponics Texas Controller (accommodates 16 Farm Modules)

The Controller is very simple—a container with a float valve is connected to the line of units. A master reservoir filled with fresh water and nutrient is located on top of the float-valve actuated Controller. As the plants draw water from their individual reservoirs, the liquid levels drop causing the float valve in the Controller to open and draw fresh nutrient from the master reservoir. This automatically maintains the ideal nutrient level in all the interconnected units, simple, elegant, reliable and inexpensive.

Texas Controller Dimensions: 2'W x 2'L x 3'6inH 
Texas Controller includes: 20 gallon reservoir with grommet; Fittings; Blue 1/2in tubing; 20 gallon controller with float valve; Fifteen 1/2in barbed tees; Two 1/2in elbows

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General Hydroponics Texas Controller (accommodates 16 Farm Modules)

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