Can Inline 66 w/ 8in Flange

With 15 years experience specializing in activated carbon odor control, Can-Filters designs and builds only the highest quality activated carbon air filter, using only virgin activated carbon specially formulated to meet your job criteria.

  • Can-Filters provide one of Nature's BEST odor control materials, ACTIVATED CARBON—and the CKV-4 (carbon type) is specially developed for this purpose
  • Controlled grain size and a large surface area give full rated airflow and more than 99% odor removal
  • Carbon bed thickness is 2.5in—more carbon means more absorption!
  • Can-Filters packed-bed design means no settling and no preferential channels for consistent performance and long life

Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 824 CFM/1400 m³h
Max Exhaust CFM: 412 CFM/700 m³h
@ 0.1 sec contact time
Recommended Min Airflow: 206 CFM/350 m³h
Prefilter: Yes
Flange: 6in, 8in, 10in

  • Outside Diameter: 37 cm/14.6in 
  • Height: 97.8 cm/38.5in 
  • Total Weight: 21 kg/46 lbs
  • Carbon Weight: 14 kg/31 lbs
  • Carbon Bed Depth: 5 cm/2in

Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
Pressure drop at max CFM: 180pa/.75inwg

Recommended Can-Fan: 

FAN Watts Consumed Filtered Air CFM
Max-Fan 10in 212 Watts 572 CFM
Can-Fan 10in HO 280 Watts 515 CFM
Max-Fan 8in 152 Watts 478 CFM
Can-Fan 8in HO 285 Watts 475 CFM
Can-Fan 8in 134 Watts 365 CFM
Can-Fan 6in HO 137 Watts 312 CFM


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Can Inline 66 w/ 8in Flange

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