Rainmaker Revolution Coiled Garden Hose 3/8 in x 50 ft
The Rainmaker Revolution Coiled Garden Hose 3/8 in x 25 ft or 50 ft are an ultra lightweight hose with excellet recoil memory. The Revolution Coil feature allows you to fully extend the hose and retract it back to it's original compact form. The Rainmaker Revolution Coiled Garden Hose will not kink or tangle making this hose easy to use and store. Hose construction is resistant to UV rays, abrasions, overstreching and kink damage. This hose is equiped with anti-corrosive max flow fittings. Made in Canada.

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Rainmaker Revolution Coiled Garden Hose 3/8 in x 50 ft

  • Brand: Rainmaker
  • Product Code: 708842
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $29.95
  • $24.56
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