ChillKing 1/2 HP ChillKing Chiller

ChillKing® has been successfully building and installing high quality, commercial-grade chillers and complete water cooling systems at several popular restaurant chains for over 10 years, and is now expanding on that successful history by making their products available to the gardening industry. Each chiller is individually tested for specific BTU output, and if output doesn't exceed compressor size, the chiller doesn't ship.

  • Ranco digital temperature controller
  • Filter/Dryer
  • Copper ChillKing evaporator
  • Evaporator freeze protection
  • All welds and solder undergo double inspection
  • Pre-tested and catalouged prior to packaging
  • Freeze tested evaporator for operational endurance

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ChillKing 1/2 HP ChillKing Chiller

  • Brand: ChillKing
  • Product Code: HSCK50
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,500.00
  • $2,050.00
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