Light Controller, 50A@120/240vac w/8-120vac Plugs

The MLC-8X, MLC-8XT, and MLC-8DX Master Lighting Controllers are the best devices for controlling up to eight 1000W HID lights from one time-clock or controller. You run 50A, 120/240V power to the MLC-8DX and have the ability to control 8 outlets with one trigger cable. Plug the trigger cable into a standard 120V 15A timer, and when the trigger cable receives power, the lights will turn on. (Note: The MLC-8XT has a built-in timer). The MLC-8X, MLC-8XT, and MLC-8DX all have eight 120/240V style outlets which allows for running your ballasts at 120/240V without having to change out your ballast power cords. The MLC-8XT has an integrated timer that allows you to control your MLC with the built-in time clock. The MLC-8X is rated for 50 amps @ 120/240 volts.

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Light Controller, 50A@120/240vac w/8-120vac Plugs

  • Brand: CAP
  • Product Code: CAMLC8X
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  • $209.95
  • $172.16
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