LightRail 4.0 Adjust A Drive 6/10 RPM
The LightRail 4 Adjusta Drive now with fully adjustable variable speed control between 6 and 10 r.p.m. and 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even plant growth at the ends of the lamps travel. The all New LightRail 4 Adjusta Drive from Gualala Robotics is sure to give any gardener the ultimate control. Rail and motor kit in one box - box dimensions 41 in x 6 in x 5 in. Excellent for shipping or conserving space.

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LightRail 4.0 Adjust A Drive 6/10 RPM

  • Brand: Gualala
  • Product Code: 710057
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $303.95
  • $227.96
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