pH-Up 23L
pH-Up 23L

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pH-Up 23L

  • $325.68
  • $267.06
Replacement parts for the TurboKlone Kloners. The fan shroud assembly, fan shroud and spray jet are ..
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The Gro Pro Premium Round Fabric Pots are constructed from high quality non-woven fabric. This fabri..
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Phantom 6in AC Double Ended Ref Unit w/LensSuper compact, double-ended reflector!The Phantom DE refl..
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We have color! The Tan Smart Pot provides a decorative aspect to the Smart Pot. The qualities that m..
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The 3 way cable splitter is needed to connect the Gavita Master Controller to your E-Series ballasts..
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Oregon's Only's answer to phosphate rich guano tea. Derived from seabird guano, digested worm humus ..
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For use with the HydroLogic water filtration systems in indoor garden hydroponics. This is a replace..
$31.00 $25.42

Precision Perlite Coarse is cut with a ten mesh screen leaving all material to retain #4. Perlite ..
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Grower's Edge Commercial Grade Trellis Netting is a strong, versatile polypropylene mesh specially d..
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The Ideal H2O John Guest fitting line offers a wide range of push-fit quick connect fittings for pur..
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