Big Bud 23L
Big Bud 23L

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Big Bud 23L

  • $728.62
  • $597.47
The simple solution for automatic feeding systems—perfect for commercial or large scale hydroponic g..
$2,900.00 $2,378.00

Our complete line of fittings is known for its superior performance and reliability. These non-corro..
$0.51 $0.42

Phat Filter replacement pre-filter replaces your used pre-filter to give your Phat filter longer lif..
$8.25 $6.77

Use this 72 cell pack insert with coco plugs, regular soil, or soilless mixes to plant seeds or cutt..
$1.95 $1.60

Gold Label Soil A & B is a professional grade mineral two component base plant nutrient for the vege..
$21.95 $14.71

This organic PK liquid bloom booster is extracted from our unique natural sources of phosphorous and..
$235.99 $158.11

These sturdy and reusable green saucers come in various sizes to match most pots. Use them to collec..
$1.63 $1.34

Fruit and vegetables plants grow and take in nutrients that they need, then release back those nutri..
$15.95 $13.08

Bu's Buds Biodynamic Compost Rose Tea is ready-to-brew! Each single-use tea bag will make up to 5 ga..
$13.99 $9.37

Replacement 120V power supply for the Gavita Master Controller (EL1 & EL2)...
$20.00 $15.00