Sensi Grow Part B 10L
Sensi Grow Part B 10L

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Sensi Grow Part B 10L

  • $85.36
  • $70.00
Start your growing season early with everything you need in this kit to start your seedlings. It is ..
$43.95 $36.04

Knowing the EC/ppm, pH and temperature that the Nutrient Delivery System is providing to the crop wi..
$885.00 $725.70

Reliable, high output ballasts. Easy installation. Instant start ballasts. Use shunted sockets. 36 i..
$36.95 $27.71

Roots Organics Uprising Bloom is a diverse blend of natural and organic ingredients specially formul..
$12.00 $8.04

The Gro Pro Premium Round Fabric Pots are constructed from high quality non-woven fabric. This fabri..
$2.18 $1.79

Keep your plants from dying of heat stress or overheating once temperatures reach unacceptable level..
$99.99 $81.99

What is the Plant Sex ID Kit? The GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit is a plant sex identification kit th..
$9.99 $8.19

The new square shape with the textured exterior and patterned design at the top stands out from the ..
$2.25 $1.85

BioWeed is derived from a blend of cold processed seaweeds that act as a plant and soil vitality enh..
$870.00 $582.90

Plants that are grown in hot climates need that extra thirst quench so that they can stay vigorous a..
$18.95 $15.54