Root Shooters
Root Shooters

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Root Shooters

  • $19.94
  • $16.35
Made from strong galvanized steel construction, these Y connectors allow you to split ventilation in..
$17.95 $14.72

Vermicrop Organics is proud to introduce the Polyester Brewing Bag for compost tea home-brewers ever..
$14.30 $9.58

A bacterial product produced by fermentation, can be used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetabl..
$23.99 $19.67

Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption where mineral foods enter the plant. Diamond Nectar a..
$46.00 $30.82

Start with seeds and watch them grow; then, when plants get too  tall for your original kit, just sn..
$71.95 $53.96

Panda Reservoir lid. Fits 40-gallon Panda reservoir. Minimizes evaporation of nutrient solution and ..
$92.00 $75.44

These are products for professionals and are now available for you. The first product in this series..
$40.95 $33.58

Nectar For The Gods' liquid kelp is rich in natural forms of potassium and is extremely gentle on pl..
$22.00 $14.74

Big Up Powder is a premium amino chelated bloom booster. It has over 24 different amino acids that e..
$200.00 $134.00

For use with HydroLogic's water filtration systems. This is a replacement sediment filter for Tall B..
$14.00 $11.48