House & Garden Bud XL -- 1000 L

A truly unique product, House & Garden

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House & Garden Bud XL -- 1000 L

  • $34,999.99
  • $28,699.99
pH adjusting crystals that will, once and for all, eliminate the hassles and worries of spilling, sp..
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Clonex® Clone Solution is a clone specific nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals and..
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The TNC centrifugal inline water pump is powerful and dependable. This water pump moves 1250 GPH thr..
$232.00 $190.24

We call it the Short Cut Snip, but you'll use it as a household snip for all the thousands of little..
$8.95 $7.34

Filled with 100% virgin coconut charcoal, the lightweight Elf filter is specifically designed and si..
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