House & Garden Bud XL -- 1000 L

A truly unique product, House & Garden

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House & Garden Bud XL -- 1000 L

  • $34,999.99
  • $28,699.99
Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then com..
$5.75 $4.72

These Greenhouse Films covers all your needs whether it is for single season, full year or 4 year pr..
$502.95 $412.42

Active Aqua Hydro-Logic brand booster pump for the Merlin Reverse Osmosis filtration system. Can be ..
$329.00 $269.78

Used throughout the bloom stage, Superlicious is a supplement containing chelated metals that help i..
$70.75 $47.40

Precise control for lighting, irrigation, or any cyclic process.Operating time of 1 to 72 hour..
$159.99 $131.19

Aero Garden Plant Light 26W Replacement (2/pk) AeroGarden ‘MAXGROW' Grow Lights bring sunshine indo..
$24.95 $20.46

Gro-Slabs provide the final stage for growing a spectacularly large plant. Transplant your Gro-Block..
$93.04 $76.29

GroVision "Pro" High Performance Shades feature color balancing polycarbonate lenses which are excel..
$21.95 $18.00

Gold Label Ultra MG is a nitrogen/magnesium additive for all plant development stages. Ultra MG has ..
$111.95 $75.01

The TMP-1 offers precision temperature-based control of cooling and heating equipment. This controll..
$69.95 $57.36